Service maintenance

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LLC "Service of Industrial Machines " (LLC «SPM») – is a specialized service company, created to organize an effective system of service of all the range of industrial equipment manufactured by Machinery&Industrial Group
Company is ready to offer you a range of services, including:

Technical examination, diagnostics

Current repairs of tractors

Overhaul of components and assemblies using production sites of LLC " SPM "

Routine maintenance

Overhaul of tractors

Overhaul of TM -120 , TM- 130, TM -140

Overhaul of hydromechanical transmission (HMT ) of JSC " Kurgan " Certification

1. Technical examination

– One of the new types of services, which is used to determine the true condition of machines and equipment, and as a result following service is possible:
- Routine maintenance
- Major repairs or replacement of defective units
Repair list, approved by experts and based on the results of technical expertise, can minimize service costs and exclude unnecessary replacement of parts
In addition, technical expertise will develop the most effective schedule of service operations and repairs of all types of tractors.

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2. Current repairs of tractors

Current service maintenance can be made directly «in the fields», at dealers’ technical centers or using delivery to the production site of LLC "SPM".
Technical specialists use off-road transport. Repairing industrial machinery with LLC "SPM"- is a guarantee of high technology level, efficiency of work and reduced costs for your own repair service.

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3. Overhaul of components and assemblies, dismantled from the tractor, is made on production site of LLC "SPM" or OSB. Components are tested on special equipment with guarantee period 1500 h or 12 months of operation.


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4. Routine maintenance

A mobile team of specialists with the necessary tools and diagnostic equipment, travels directly to the place, where machines are operated. Performs all service operations in accordance with the service manual : replace fuel filter elements, makes diagnostics of all systems and units of the tractor. This allows you to improve the technical and operational characteristics of the tractor and prevent failure of the main components and assemblies, which could lead to significant costs to repair or even replacement.

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5. In case of major overhaul repair,

complete dismantling with replacement of all subassemblies and parts with wear 50 % or more is performed; replacement of running units and units of the tractor is made on special equipment, with assembly at the factory in accordance with the manufacturer's technical documentation and obligatory run-in using special stands.
Replacement of suspension , rubber goods and hoses , electrical equipment is a part of major overhaul. LLC "SPM" provides a factory warranty on tractor and engine service within 12 months from the signing of commissioning act or 1500 hours of use , depending on which condition comes first.


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6. Overhaul of TM -120 , TM- 130, TM -140, hydro-mechanical transmission (HMT ) of JSC " Kurgan "

Overhaul of TM -120, TM- 130, TM -140, and their components and assemblies in accordance with technology of the manufacturer (JSC " Kurgan "). During the repair complete disassembly is made, we perform troubleshooting and replacement of parts and assembly units which are not suitable for further use. After the repair, all components and assemblies are properly tested, including necessary adjustments. Company provides warranty for its service and components:

- For overhaul of TM -120 , TM- 130, TM -140 - 2500 km or 6 months;

- For overhaul of transmission - 2500 km or 6 months.

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All the services for the maintenance, repair, overhaul of tractors and combines, their units and aggregates produced by «Machinery&Industrial Group» are provided by LLC "SPM" with certificates of ompliance, approved by governmental officials.

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