Agromash Enisei 5000

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Information materials
Combine denomination AGROMASH 5000-1 AGROMASH 5000-2
Threshing and separating mechanism
Capacity, t/h 16
Number of threshing drums 2
Feed elevator Features three chains and two-component checkered pushers
Drum rotating speed, rev. /min 600-1300 (400-1150 – for non-grain crops)
Beater drum with 8 dismountable beater bars 1330 mm wide and 500 mm in diameter
Grain concave With 9 plates and electrical adjustment
Diameter of drum for preliminary threshing 400
Straw walker Straw walker with 6 straws, 4 steps, removable bottom, 6.3 m2 separation area
Screen shoe Two-component, adjustable, 4.5 m2 in area
Grain tank With two filling sensors, capacity of 8100 l
Height of grain discharging, m 4
Additional equipment Autonomous system of additional threshing with distributing screw conveyer of grain loss control device and with display of grain loss located in the cab
Motor unit and undercarriage
Engine make Sisu Power 74 CTAAMZ D3065
Engine power, h.p. 250 276 280
Fuel tank capacity, l. 450
Transmission Hydraulic (3 speeds)
Traveling speed, km/h 25
Electrohydraulic equipment Bosch Rexroth AG and Parker
Drive wheels’ axle Claas Industrietechnik
Gearbox With gear changing aid device
Cutter coverage, m 6250 m.7479 m.
Header adjustment at longitudinal and transverse contour following hydraulic
Automatic system of contour following electronic
General information
Cab Board computer, air conditioning, heater, pivot seat, integrated passenger seat, convenient ladder turn
Lighting Head lights 4+2, discharge light: 1, rear lamps: 2


Agromash 5000 combine harvester of 5th category was designed taking into account special characteristics of operation in regions of Russia that provides its working efficiency both in arid and waterlogged regions. The harvester can reach maximum performance with high quality of threshed grain if cereal crops’ yield is from 25 to 60 centner/Ha.

Comfortable later level cab with excellent view: improved design, 3 levels of sound insulation, ecological materials

Modern arrangement, easy-to-use and ergonomic control system

Fuel-efficient diesel engine AGCO SISU POWER (Finland)

Straw walker with 6 straws, 4 steps, 6.3 m2 separation area and removable bottom