Agromash 30 ТК

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Main parameters and characteristics Agromash 30TK 121D Agromash 30ТК 122D
Tractor type Wheeled, multi-purpose Wheeled, multi-purpose
Tractor traction category 0,6 0,6
Wheel arrangement 4х2 4х4
Engine 4-stroke, 2-cylinder, water-cooled D120 diesel engine 4-stroke, 2-cylinder, water-cooled D120 diesel engine
Engine operating capacity, kW/h.p. 22,1/30 22,1/30
Engine crankshaft rpm 2000 2000
Travelling speed, km/h: 1,51-23,86 1,51-23,86
No. of speeds:
- forward 8 8
- reverse 6 6
Tractor;s operating weight without ballast, kg 2330 2440
Tractor's operating weight with balance, kg 2390 2500
Agro-engineering clearance, mm high adjustment-525, medium adjustment-455, low adjustment-385 high adjustment-525, medium adjustment-455
Ground clearance, mm 200 345
Fording height, m 0,5 0,5
Tractor base, mm high adjustment-1630, medium adjustment-1755, low adjustment-1837high adjustment-1800, medium adjustment-1946
PTO rpm 540 540
Rear hitch lifting capacity (at axis), kg 600 1000
Specific fuel consumption @ operating capacity g/(kW∙h)[g/(l.s.∙h)] 245 [180] 245 [180]
Overall dimensions, mm
– width (at minimum track) 1560 1665
– length 3180 3320
– height: high adjustment-2600,medium adjustment-2540, low adjustment-2400 high adjustment-2600, medium adjustment-2540


It is purposed for secondary tillage, sowing, planting of vegetables, crops cultivation, inter-row cultivation of vegetables and gardens, operations in farms, hothouses, handling operations, as well as for municipal and other operations with attahced, semi-attached and trailed equipment and tools, loading-aunloading devices.

Advantages of Agromash 30TK tractors:

  • Economy - fuel consumption is 26% less than that of the competitive equivalent
  • Efficiency - maximum efficiency of brush equipment is 16 thousand sq. meters/hour which is 15% more than that of the competitive equivalent due to use of a new hydraulic pump of higher efficiency
  • Capacity - lifting capacity of the rear hitch is 36% more that that of the competitive equivalent
  • Better traction characteristics - Agromash 30TK is more than 45% heavier than the competitive equivalent
  • Better cross country ability - agro-engineering clearance is 20% more than that of the competitive analogue
  • Reliability - beam type front axle improves stability of the tractor when operated with machine-tractor agregate
  • Longer period of continuous operation without refuelling - time of operation without refuelling is 2.5 times longer than that of the competitive analogue (10 hours vs. 3.5 hours)