Agromash 50 TK

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Model Agromash 50ТК
Tractor type Multi-purpose wheeled
Tractor traction category 0,9
Wheel arrangement 4х4
Engine 4-stroke, 3-cylinder, water-cooled D130 diesel engine
Engine operating capacity, kW/h.p. 33,1/45
Engine crankshaft rpm 2000
Travelling speed at rated crankshaft rpm and no skidding, km/h: 1,52-23,86
No. of speeds:
- forward 8
- reverse 6
Tractor;s operating weight without ballast, kg 2600
Tractor's operating weight with balance, kg 2750
Agro-engineering clearance, mm 510
Ground clearance, mm 390
Fording height, m 0,8
Tractor base, mm 2086
PTO rpm 540
Rear hitch lifting capacity (at axis), kg 1200
Maximum pressure of liquid in hydraulic system, MPa 18
Specific fuel consumption @ operating capacity g/(kW∙h)[g/(l.s.∙h)] 241[177]
Overall dimensions, mm
– width (at minimum track) 1660
– length 3740
– height: 2540


It is purposed for secondary tillage, sowing, planting, cultivation of crops and harvesting of vegetables, harvesting of crops, as well as for operations in gardens, berry-fields, farms, hot houses, for handling, municipal and other operations with attached, semi-attached and trailed machines and tools, loading and unloading mechanisms, as well as for use by companies which carry out maintenance of motor roads, engineering structures and adjacent territories. 
Advantages of Agromash 50TK tractor: 
• Efficiency - hydraulic pump of higher capacity increases efficiency of municipal and industrial equipment by up to 50% as compared with the competitive analogue
• Better cross-country ability - aricultural and engineering clearance is more than 25% higher than that of the competitive analogue
Travelling comfort and high efficiency of operation with motor-tractor aggregates - gear change box features a large number of gears as compared with the competitive analogues. 
• Compliance with requirements for cleaning operations: 
   - Compact dimensions 
   - Maneuvrability
   - Fuel economy 
•  Maintainability:
   - Simple design 
   - Wide geography of service network with available and rapidly provided spare parts