Agromash 90 TG

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Model Agromash 90TGA Agromash 90TGM
Tractor traction category 3 3
Engine Water cooled 4-stroke diesel engine with direct electrical startingWater cooled turbo charged 4-stroke diesel engine with direct electrical starting
Model А-41SI-01 D-245.5S2
Operating capcity, kW (h.p.) 69,1(94) 66,7(91)
Engine crankshaft rated rpm 1750 1800
Total displacement, l 7,43 4,75
No. of cylinders, pcs 4 4
Specific fuel consumption at operating capacity, g/kW.h (g/h.p.h), max 245(180) 229(169)
Speed range, km/h 0,28-11,17 0,29-11,15
PTO rpm 540 or 1000 (on request) 540 or 1000 (on request)
Rear hitch Lever-pivot rear hitch with 2-point or 3-point adjustment Lever-pivot rear hitch with 2-point or 3-point adjustment
Hitch system lifting capacity according to GOST 30746, kg, min 1800 1800
Dimensions and weight
Tractor base, mm 1612 1612
Tractor track, mm 13301330
Road clearance, mm, min 370 370
Caterpillar width, mm 390 390
Length (with attachment in transport position), mm 4700 4800
Width, mm 1850 1850
Operating weight, kg 6220…7250 6220…7250
Mean ground pressure, kPa, max 50 50


Agromash-90TG tractor is a general-purpose crawler type agricultural tractor of the 3rd traction category, purposed for operation in regions with temperate climate.

It is purposed for basic agricultural operations in aggregate with attached, semi-attached and trailed hydroficated and non-hydroficated machines and tools for plowing, secondary tillage, sowing, in irrigation agriculture, for dewatering as well as for road-construction and earth-moving, reclamation and loading operations.

Agromash 90TG tractor with dozer equipment is purposed for excavation and moving of soils of the I-II categories, filling of trenches and pits, embanking, moving of loose construction materials.

Peat modification of Agromash-90TG is purposed for peat digging, easy road-costruction and earth-moving operations, loading/unloading and reclamation operations on soils with low bearing capacity.