Agromash Ruslan

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Information materials
Type of engine 4-stroke, water-cooled, air-to-air turbocharged Cummins QSM11-C330 engine
Rated capacity, kW (h.p.) 246(335)
Rated rpm 2100
No. of cylinders 6
QSM11 engine displacement 10,8 l
Torque safety factor, % min 40
Operating caharacteristics
Traction category 6
Transmission hydroficated with electro-hydraulic control system
Gear change box, range reducer Hydromechanical power 16-speed transmission without power loss with electrohydraulic control system
No. of forward/reverse speeds 16/3
Speed range 2,15…30,1
PTO Rear, single-speed, independent, 1000 rpm
Steering device Stageless with hydrostatic drive
Rear hitch lifting acapcity, kg 7200
Caterpillar with rubber-metal mounting (RMM) or rubber-reinforced (RR)
Caterpillar width, mm 600 (RMM); 645(RR)
Rated drawbar capacity, kN 74,4
Period of continuous operation without refuelling, h, min 15,4
Dimensions and weight
Overall dimensions, mm, max:
-height 3300
-width 2645
-length 5760
Mean ground specific pressure at operating weight, kgf/cm (cubic) 0,411
Operating weight, kg 14200
Attached and trailed equipment
  • Selective plough
  • Chizel plough
  • Semi-trailed disk harrow
  • Cultivation tool
  • Complex cultivation tool
  • Sowing complex


This tractor is purposed for a range of agricultural operations for primary cultivation and secondary tillage including plowing of medium and heavy soils to the depth up to 40 cm, two-three stage plowing, deep subsoiling, deep plowing, full cultivation, crops sowing, harvesting and transportation operations, stubble breaking and disk plowing, fertilizing, snow retention, dust mulching and other operations on plains and on slopes up to 10 degrees.

Original delta shaped crawler contour allows operation without dead weight loading, provides high traction force, attachmentability and even ground pressure.

Operator's work station is designed with optimal layout of controls and easy access to instruments and equipment: steering wheel, transmission control lever, joystick, attachments control unit, lights control lever.

This tractor features custom-made rear-mounting device, rear hitch and hydraulic system with modern HER system which ensure operation with trailed, semi-attached and attached agricultural tools.