TRACTOR tipper Onezhets 392/392-01

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Model D-245
Rated RPM 2200
Capacity, kW/h.p. 88,2/120
Speicific fuel consumption, g/kW•h 227
Type Hydrostatic
Forward speed range, km/h 0-11,8
Rearward speed range, km/h 0-11,8
Steering mechanism Multiple disk, dry friction. Continiously closed
Service brake Two dry type tape brakes on steering mechanism drums
Parking brake Mechanical, affecting the service brakes
Final drives Double-reduction gear units with planetary final drives
Drive sprockets With replaceable ring gears
No. of teeth 16
Teeth spacing, mm 150
Track width, mm 600
Maximum of the meand specific groud pressures (without load), MPa 0,03
Technological equipment hydraulic system
Pump NSh-32on engine
Maximum pressure, MPa 14
Hydraulic tank capacity, l 120
Electric equipment
Current Direct
Rated voltage, V 24
Generator With built-in voltage rectifier and voltage controller block
Accumulator battery 2×6ST-132АМ
Технологическое оборудование
Type Rotating dump body
Rotation angle, ˚ ± 100
Lifting capacity, t 8
Body capacity, m3 4
Length 2600
Width 2300
Height 700
Body capacity with additional borts, m3 8
Cab Safety frame complying with requirements of standards for FOPS, ROPS, OPS; effective, vibro, noise and heat insulation; system of microclimate normalization in winter and summer period
Seat Full-revolving, cushioned
Controls Ergonomic control board with standard values of steering effort
Machine weight, kg 11600


  • Onezhets 392 tractor with dump body is purposed for handling loose materials (sand, crushed stone, peat, etc.). The tractor features an undercarriage of higher cross-country ability with wider track chains and planetary final reduction gears with drive sprockets of bigger diameter placed closer to the bearing surface. 
  • Rotating dump body allows carrying out unloading operations to any side both when the machine is stopped or when it is moving.  
  • Onezhets 392 tractor can be equipped with a track 500 mm wide (in such case it will be named Onezhets 392-01) upon the customer's request for operation on solid ground or rocky soils.