SILVATEC 8266 TH Sleipner

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Engine Mercedes ОМ 906 LA 205 KW / 278hp, 6 cyl. turbo diesel with intercooler. Torque 1100 Nm (1250 - 1500 rpm). Fuel tank: 400 l
Transmission Hydrostatic transmission with 2 mechanical and 2 hydraulic gears, speed 6,5/ 26 km/h. Dynamic tractive power up to 195 kN. - NAF gear bogies with planetary gears.
Brakes Oil multi-disk brake system. Hydraulic parking brake with spring-loaded accumulator, actuated automatically when harvester stops. Also comprises frame blocking (frame brake).
Hydraulics Load-sensing / constant pressure system. 1 x 190 / 1 x 130 ccm hydraulic pumps.
Steering Articulated frame steering +/- 50o. Road steering system - «Orbitrol». Off-road steering - electrical (joystick).
Electrical system 24 volt. 2 x 100 Amp alternators. IQAN central control system.
Crane Loglift 220 V 10,0 m
Lifting torque 188 kNm Equipment
Slewing torque 43,6 kNm
Crane-tilt, tilts 30 forwards and 15 to the rear
AV 12S rotator – Indexator with single brake
Cab Cab
Spacious cab with large rounded windows for optimum
view to the sides and upwards
Safety-tested according to the ISO standards
ROPS, OPS and FOPS approved
Tilt able lengthwise (forwards 10 , backwards 15 )
Soundproofed and heat-insulated
Air suspended-/ ventilated seat
Polycarbonate safety-screens
Automatic climate-controlled air conditioning system
Wheels 8 tyres, Trelleborg 422 SB 710/45 x 26,5 – 16 ply
Dimentions and weight Length: 7,70 m. Width: 2,82 m with standard tyres. Ground clearance: 580 mm. Height: 3,30 m. Turning radius: app. 7,50 m. Weight (depends on the equipment): from 18.000 kg.
Harvesting head Silvatec 560. Max felling diameter 63 cm. 2 hydrostatically driven feeders.ТМ 1000 measurement system.Chain lubrication - 20 l oil tank.
Standard equipment Дверь с электрическим приводом. Webasto 90 engine and cab preheater. Additional water filter-separator. Bigger chain lubrication tank installed on the frame. Electrical-driven ladder.
Additional equipment TM2200 measuring system. Electrical pump for hydraulic oil. Electrical pump for refueling. Xenon working lights on the cab and crane. SIT RIGHT seat adjustment system (for working on slopes).


One of the main features of the machine is the high-speed feeding (7 m/sec, or 70 cubic meters/hour, or 120 trees per hour). Harvester is equipped with measurment system able to control such parameters as volume, quantity and length of trees. As a result the machine provides not only hi-speed operation, but also hi-quality lopping.
 Harvester is able to operate in severe climatic conditions, e.g. at a temperature of -40°С, and also is able to move and operate simultaneously on slopes up to 35°. Crane tilt can vary from 30° frontwards to 15° backwards. 8-wheeled machine has very low center of gravity and is very stable.
Undercarriage stabilization system provides harvester with additional reliability and stability. All wheels can be equipped with "tracks". Tyres can also be filled with special "liquid ballast", if "tracks" are not sufficient. The combination of low base and weight gives harvester the ability to move faster and be stable on the soil.