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Information materials
General characteristics of a vehicle
Wheel arrangement  4 х 4
Vehicle layout scheme  Hood type, engine location - in the front, in-line
Cab frame-and-panel, two doors, three seats
Engine Perkins, Great Britain 1103С-33Т
Type water-cooled turbo charged diesel engine (Euro-3)
No. and arrangement of cylinders A10 3, in row
Total displacement, cm3 3300
Compression ratio 18.25
Power: h.p. / kW (min-1) 66 / 48.0 (2 200) 75,6 / 55.0 (2 200)
Torque, Nm, max, Nm (min-1) 270.0 (1 400) 291.0 (1 400)
Fuel diesel
Feeding system high pressure fuel injection
overall dimensions mm
Length 5 309
Width 2 240
Height 2859…3200
Base 2 760
Front/rear track 1 819 / 1 789
 Weight of equipped vehicle (according to OST 37.001.408-85)  3150…4500
Total weight of vehicle  4150…6500
Permissable weight of the trailer  
without working braking system  750
with inertia braking system 3500
Total weight of combination of vehicles 4900…1000
Transmission Mrchanical
Clutch (brand, type) friction, dry, single-disc, hydraulically driven
Gearbox (no. of gears, type) mechanical, hand-operated, 5 stages, all synchromesh
No. of gears 5 - forward, 1 - reverse
Transmission ratios
I / II / III / IV / V / R 6.555 / 3.933 / 2.376 / 1.442 / 1.000 / 5.735
Torque divider (brand, type) mrchanical, hand-operated
No. of gears 2
Transmission ratios: low gear 1.982
High gear 1.000
Final drive (brand, type) single reduction, hypoid
Transmission ratio 5.125, 5.5, 6.83
Front rigid-axle type, on two lengthway semielliptic springs with hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers
Rear rigid-axle type, on two lengthway semielliptic springs with hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers
Steering system (brand, type) steering mechanism of "screw - ball screw nut - steering rack - quadrant", powered steering
Braking system
Primary double-curcuit hydraulically driven braking system, front wheels' brakinf mechanisms - of drum type, rear wheels - of drum type, without ABS
Emergency each curcuit of primary braking system
Parking Mechanical wire rope drive from the lever in the cab to the transmission brake
brand MITAS MPT-02 / MPT-03      
size 10.5-18 / 12.5-18  12.00 R18  12.00/75 R18  12.00-18
carrying capacity index 128  129  135  129
speed range J / G (100 / 90 km/h) J (100 km/h) J (100 km/h)  E / F (70 / 80 km/h)
Hydraulic attachments
Hydraulic system separate, with independent drive pump
Distributive valve spool valve-type with electromagnetic control
Hydraulic cylinders: attachments drive / loading platform drive two-directional drive
two-directional lever-hinged, with hydraulic control
one directional Attachment
Special equipment
Power take off box (brand, type) PTB, mechanical with one gear for PTO and hydraulic system pump drive
Power take off shaft reducing gear mechanical with manual control
No. of gears  2
PTO rpm, min-max  540-1000


SILANT multi-purpose specialized vehicle with 3,3 l turbo-charged diesel engine.

SILANT is a reliable multi-functional all terrain vehicle. SILANT vehicle's frame design provides capabilities for assembly of all types of attachments.

SILANT provides high quality and performance adequate to the foreign analogues at affordable price and compliant with all State Standards. 
The machine can be equipped with front and rear attachments with PTO thus providing a wide range of functional capabilities.
• Efficient 3,3 l «Perkins» turbo diesel manufactured in Great Britain
• EURO 3 compliance
• Speed range from 1,6 up to 85 km/hour
• High cross-country ability is provided by 4-wheel drive (4x4) and low gearing
• Increased durability in cross-country conditions due to reinforced frame design
• One vehicle can replace a truck and a tractor, traction category - 1.4
• Comfortable transportation of crew up to 7 people to the site with special capabilities
• All-terrain tyres KI-115A or low pressure tyres "Arctic Trans"
• Aggressive, charizmatic design
• Ergonomic 3-seat cab (better visibility, A/C)
• This vehicle is developped using searial assemblies and units of GAZ
• No analogue of this machine is manufactured in Russia