Chetra ТМ 140

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Engine Yamz-236-2 turbodiesel
Power, Kw (h.p.) 184 (250)
Weight, kg 11200-1300
Full load, kg 4000
Payload mass on the platform, kg, not more    3500 
Payload mass in the cabin, including passengers kg, not more    500
Capacity, persons. 7
Fuel tank, liters  up to 830
Length 7800
Width 3100
Height 3105
Dimensions of the cargo platform, mm 3575х2700
Average ground pressure, kgf/cm2 0,22
Ground clearance, mm 450
on paved road 45
on water 4
Operating range up to 800 km
Transmission Hydromechanical six-speed with electrical hydraulic gear shift
Power on PTO, kW (hp) 147(200)
  • Higher trafficability: floatability, crossing of slopes and hills of up to 30° slope degree, ground clearance 450 mm, the chain features 800 mm width with long-lasting rubber-metal hinges manufactured in several variants;
  • Six-stroke hydromechanical transmission with electrical hydraulic gear shift features 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds. Hydroumechanical transmission enables driving at creeping speed of about 4 km/h. The creeping speed is often used by operating companies for carrying out of different technological operations;
  •  Insulated module of the engine room equipped with an independent heater ang lightening enables performance of maintenance works and repairs regardless of climatic conditions;
  •  Multi-purpose cargo deck with PTO shaft lead enables affixing of various technological module;
  •  Insulated hermetically sealed heated cab accommodating 7 men, 3 sleeping berths, dependent and independent heating and ventilation system, wheel-type steering system;
  • Small ground pressure (0.026 Mpa).