Chetra EGP 230

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Information materials
Parameters Value
Excavator operating weight, kg, max 23600
Engine QSB 6,7 rated power, kW (h.p.) 135 (184) 
Standard bucket capacity (SAE, PCSA), m3 0,8 - 1,25 
Overall dimensions, mm length /width / height 10 220/2 990/3 150
Crawler track length, mm 4 270 
Track shoe width, mm 600, 700, 800 
Clearance, mm  460 
Boom length, mm 6 000 
Bucket arm length, mm 2 960 
Maximum digging height, mm 10 160 
Maximum height of bucket dumping, mm 7 200 
Maximum digging depth, mm 6975
Maximum digging radius, mm 10275
Maximum swing radius, mm 3430
Digging force (SAE, PCSA), kN (tf) 155 (15,8)
Crowding force (SAE, PCSA), kN (tf) 121 (12,3)
Rotation speed of the revolving platform, rpm 13
Maximum speed at highest/ lowest gear, km/h 5,2/3,3 
Fuel tank capacity, l  500


Single bucket excavator CHETRA EGP-230 with proportional hydraulic control system is a multi-purpose earth-moving machine designed for excavation of foundation pits, trenches, open mines in the soils of the I – IV categories, for loading and unloading of bulk solids, loosened rock and frozen ground. It may also be used for excavation in civil engineering, in industrial and road construction, construction of oil and gas pipelines, canals, for other works in the sphere of urban, rural, transport and reclamative construction.
Excavator EGP-230 features proportional hydraulic control system.
• Diesel engine Cummins QSB 6.7 complies with Tier3 standards.
• Unique hydraulic system with units and assemblies manufactured by Bosch Rexrot, Kawasaki, Parker, Walvoil, Daewoo makes it possible to overlap all technological operations at the same time. Automatic system of power fluid warming at low ambient temperature.
• Operator cab is ergonomically designed for operator’s comfort and productivity providing optimal working conditions for the operator during the whole operating time. Multi-purpose electronic control unit features a liquid-crystal display.
• The excavator is equipped with onboard navigation and signal systems GLONASS/GPS for monitoring of operating conditions of the equipment.
• Application of high-performance equipment and high-technology materials makes excavator EGP-230 environmentally-friendly, it is very important for preservation and protection of the environment.


• E/P/WP - mode switch
• 70A alternator
• Dry-type air-filter with alarm indicator of clogging
• Cartridge filter of engine oil
• Cartridge coarse fuel filter with water presence sensor
• Cartridge secondary fuel filter
• Radiators block consisting of an engine radiator, fluid cooler, aftercooler
• Radiator compartment protection grid
• Expansion tank of radiator with coolant level indicator
• Fan-guard
• Isolated engine compartment
• Automatic idle system
• Fuel cooler
• Engine oil draining valve
• Electronic system of fuel feed control


• Work mode switch
• Power boosting mode
• Automatic power boost device
• Supplementary port for hydraulic distributor
• Intake filter
• Full-flow filter
• Control loop filter
• Surge damping turn valve


• All-weather cab with sound isolation
• Hardened tinted glass-pane
• Opening upper front window
• 4 hydraulic elastic suspensions
• Windshield wiper
• Front screen washer
• Adjustable seat with folding back and armrest
• Foot rest
• Electric warning horn
• AM-FM radio set with digital time unit
• Automatic climate control with air conditioner
• Removable safety belt
• Glass holder
• Lighter
• Ash tray
• Storage container
• Floor mat
• Control joysticks
• Steering system lockup lever
• Engine emergency switch
• Rack for technical documentation in seat back
• Dismountable lower windscreen
• Place for storage of first aid kit and personal items


• Display with indicators of: hours, time, water temperature
• Other indicators: work mode, rear view
• Alarm indicators: overheating, engine oil pressure, generator, minimum fuel level
• Acoustic alarm: overload, overheating etc.


• 5 lamps


• Bottom protection
• Counterweight 5400 kg
• Fuel level indicator
• Hydraulic oil level indicator
• Tool box
• Compartment for auxiliary equipment
• Rear-view mirrors
• Parking brake of turning gear


• Parking brake of travel mechanism
• Propelling motors casings
• Track protection
• Solid drive wheel
• Carrier and track rollers
• 4 bottom drawbar hooks
• 600 mm three-rib track shoes


• Centralized boom lubrication system
• Hinge joints are equipped with anti-noise wear-resistant gaskets
• Bucket backlash adjuster
• Boom - 6 m
• Bucket arm- 2.96 m
• Heaped bucket capacity (PCSA, SAE) – 0.84-1.4 m3


• Standard set of instruments
• Lockable side covers
• Antiskid plates, stickers and assist handles
• Travel direction indicator on the track frame


• Independent AIRTRONIC D2 air heater
• FOPS, top and bottom shielding of the windshield
• Rear view camera
• Track shoe width - 700, 800 mm
• Electric fuel transfer pump