Chetra TG 302

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Model YaMZ-238 DE2-28 QSM11-C330  
Volume, l 14,86 10,8  
Power, kWt/hp 228/310 228/310  
Torque, Nm (rpm) 1108 (1200-1400) 1162 (1500)  
Type Hydromechanic
Gearbox Planetary
1-st speed, forward/backward drive, km/h 3,8/5
2-nd speed, forward/backward drive, km/h 6,8/8,7
3-rd speed, forward/backward drive, km/h 10,8/13,7
Shift control Electro-hydraulic
Torque converter  
Transformation ratio, Ko  
Suspension Rigid, with crossbar
Track rollers (each side), pcs 8
Carrier rollers (each side), pcs 2
Track chain type Assembled, with single grouser shoes and grease retainer
Link pitch, mm 228,6
No. of shoes (each side), pcs 44
Grouser height, mm 80
Shoe width, mm 710
Base, mm 3560
Ground contact area, m2 5,055
Ground pressure, kgf/cm2 0,88
Pipelaying equipment
Lift capacity at boom reach 2.5 m, t 31
Lift capacity at boom reach 1.22 m, t 63,5
Hook drive system Block and tackle system
Mechanical advantage of the hoisting block and tackle 6
Mechanical advantage of the boom block and tackle 6
Hook lifting height at boom reach 1.5 m, m 6,3/7,7
Hook lifting (lowering) speed, m/min 5,86-18,1
Boom length, m 7,6/9
Boom weight, kg 2320/2630
Winch type Two drums, hydraulic drive
Winch drum diameter x width, mm 400 х 290
Hook rope diameter x length 19,5 mm х 74 m
Boom rope diameter x length 19,5 mm х 68 m
Counterweight control Hydraulic
Counterweight plates, pcs  
Counterweight plate weight, kg  
Counterweight + frame total weight, kg 10030
Boom and hook drums drive and control
Drive type Hydraulic
Lubrication system type Independent
Hydraulic motors control By distributor, simultaneous rotation of both drums at any speed and in any direction
Hydraulic filtration system Disposable paper filter
Automatic winch brake when engine stops Yes
Pipelayer weight, kg 41000 38920 38920



  • Equipped with Cummins engines, Trier 3/ Stage III, Stage III A certified;
  • solide aluminium radiators by AKG, Germany;
  • Air-to-air aftercoolers and fuel coolers increase engine efficiency and decrease emissions;
  • Additional fuel filters "Fleetquard" provide water separation and fuel heating. Filter condition can be easily checked through the transparent cap;
  • "Eberspacher" heater can automatically warm up engine and cab. It guarantees easy start, long engine life and low emissions;
  • All pipelayers are equipped with load-sensitive (LS) hydraulic systems, and also can be equipped with LUDV system (combined with BOSCH REXROTH hydraulics only) providing the pipelayer with the possibility to perform simultaneous operations at any speed or load;
  • Modular design of all parts;
  • Track and carrier rollers and wheels with life-long lubrication and self-tensioning seals of the "double-cone" type;
  • Hydromechanic transmission with planetary gearbox and two-speed final drive, efficient diesel;
  • Hydro mounted cab with insulated glass units, air conditioner/heater, wipers, sunshades and audio system. Cab is also equipped with small refrigerator for water and drinks;
  • Hook and boom lift restrainers, loaded disc brakes to avoid the fall of the cargo;
  • Standard equipment:
  • Sound signal;
  • Back hitch;
  • Front towing device;
  • Engine and transmission protection;
  • Articulated radiator enclosure;
  • AC generator, 85 А;
  • 2 batteries, 12V, 190 Ah (24 V).