Chetra T 9M

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Information materials
Model YaMZ-356 NB-2 QSB6.7-C165
Engine displacement, l. 11,15 6,7
Operating power, kW/h.p. 110/150 110/150
Torque, Nm (rpm) 736 (1200-1400) 800 (1300-1500)
Type Hydromechanical
Gearbox Planetary
1-st gear forward/reverse, km/h 3,8/5,0
2-st gear forward/reverse, km/h 6,9/9,0
3-st gear forward/reverse, km/h 11,0/14,3
Shift mechanism Electro-hydraulic
Torque converter Three element, one stage
Transformation ratio, Kо 2,539
Suspension Three-point, semi-rigid
No. of track rollers (each side), pcs. 7
No. of carrier rollers (each side), pcs. 2
Track type Assembled with single-grouser shoes and a sealing for retention of liquid lubricant in the hinge
Link pitch, mm 203
No. pf shoes (each side), pcs. 44
Grouser height, mm 65
Shoe width, mm 910
Base, mm 2945
Ground contact area, m2 5,36
Ground pressure, kgf/cm2 0,37
Hydraulic system
Type Remote-cylinder
Pump Gear pump David Brown S1A5070
Pump capacity, l/min (rpm) 120 (1700)
Distributor Four-sectional, Bosch Rexroth
Quantity of distributor sections 1 valve section, 3 spool sections
Maximum pressure of relief valve action, MPa(kgf/cm2) 20 (200)
Type of hydraulic reservoir Welded, adapted for mechanical cleaning of inner surfaces
Hydraulic reservoir capacity, l 85
Dozer equipment
Blade type S
Blade length х height, mm 4185 х 1061
Blade capacity, m3 3,26
Lift above ground, mm 1100
Drop below ground, mm 450
Maximum tilt adjustment, degrees, mm. ±9
Weight, kg 2560
Type Non-adjustable, multishank
No. of shanks, pcs. 3
Lift above ground, mm 535
Digging depth, mm 455
Breakout force, T 11,6
Penetration force, T 5,85
Weight, kg 892
Dozer weight, kg. 19840 19410

  • Tractors are certified by TUV Rheinland InterCert for EC conformity;
  • Tractors are equipped with Cummins engines which meet the most rigorous international emission standards applicable at present for special equipment (Tier 3/ Stage III, Stage III A);
  • Aluminum monolithic radiators by AKG Germany;
  • Use of air-to-air coolers and fuel coolers in the radiator unit has increased engine efficiency and reduced the level of harmful substances emission into the atmosphere;
  • Additional fuel filters "Fleetguard" with functions of water separation and fuel heating. Transparent cover of these filters provides visualization of the filtering element’s service life indicator;
  • Modern liquid heaters Eberspacher for engine and cab pre-start heating with automatic control. Their use ensures easy start-up and increases lifetime of the engine, also it reduces harmful substances emission into the atmosphere;
  • Nowadays CHETRA Т15, CHETRA Т20, CHETRA Т25 tractors  are equipped with "DAVID BROWN" gear pumps (with cast-iron housing and skew gears) and it is planned that in the nearest future CHETRA Т9 and CHETRA Т11 will also be equipped with such gear pumps. CHETRA Т9, CHETRA Т11, CHETRA Т15, CHETRA Т20 feature hydraulic control valves, hydraulic and electronic joysticks and adjustable axial-piston pumps (except CHETRA Т9 and CHETRA Т11) by "BOSCH REXROTH". All tractor models are equipped with load sensing hydraulic systems (LS systems), and tractors with hydraulic components by "BOSCH REXROTH" feature LUDV systems allowing to perform overlapping operations irrespective of load and speed of operations;
  • CHETRA Т11, CHETRA Т20, CHETRA Т25 are equipped with electro-hydraulic transmission which is controlled by the controller and the control panel located in the cab. The control panel features:
  • Modular design of all components and systems;
  • Three-point semi-rigid suspension with displaced pivot shaft;
  • Track rollers, carrier rollers and idlers with life-time lubrication and self-adjusting "duo cone" seals;
  • Hydromechanical transmission with planetary gearbox and two-stage final drive, low-consumption diesel engine;
  • Mobility (light weight and small size of CHETRA Т9 allows to deliver the tractor to the work site by helicopter or to transport it on trailers);
  • Cabs are mounted on hydromounts and equipped with double-glazing units, climate control systems (air conditioners and heaters), wipers and washers, sun shades, audio systems. There are minibars for cooling of water and drinks in the cab;
  • ROPS-FOPS frame elements.