Chetra ТК 25

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Model YaMZ-850.10 KTA19-C510
Volume, l 25,86 18,9
Power, kWt/hp 382/520 353/480
Torque, Nm (rpm) 2685 (1300-1500) 2237 (1400)
Type Hydromechanic
Gearbox Planetary
1-st speed, forward/backward drive, km/h 7,8/11,2
2-nd speed, forward/backward drive, km/h 14,8/21,3
3-rd speed, forward/backward drive, km/h 27,3/38
Shift control Electro-hydraulic
Torque converter Single stage
Transformation ratio, Ko 2,64
Tyres Single tubeless tyres, 35/65-33”
Tyre inflating By engine-mounted compressor
Tyre air pressure, kgf/cm2Tyre air pressure, kgf/cm2 4±0,2
Frames turning angle (each side), degree 35
Ground pressure, kgf/cm2Ground pressure, kgf/cm2 26
Hydraulic system
Type Separate
Pumps, pcs 1 (S1A6155) + 1 (S1A6097) + 1 (NSh10)
Pump performance, l/min (rpm) 350 (1900)
Distributors, pcs 2 + 1 flow-diving valve
Distributor type Slide valves
Safety valves actuation pressure, MPa (kgf/cm2) Safety valves actuation pressure, MPa (kgf/cm2) 20 (200)
Dozer equipment
Blade type SU
Blade length x height, mm 5050 х 1550
Blade volume, m3 11,13
Blade lift, mm 1600
Blade penetration, mm 500
Max blade tilt, degrees ±14
Blade weight 7200
Weight 44400 44400




  • Modular design guarantees easier and comfortable service, possibility to remove undercarriage units, its servicing and checking before the installation on the machine;
  • articulated frame provides tight-turning radius and complete usage of machine weight removing the problem of a wheel unloading in off-road conditions;
  • hydromechanic transmission;
  • efficient diesel engine;
  • separate hydraulic system with high-efficient pumps;
  • off-road wheels;
  • independent tyre inflating system;
  • isolated and pressurized cab;