Chetra PK 120

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Information materials
Model YaMZ-850.10 KTA19-C510
Engine displacement, l. 25,86 18,9
Operating power, kW/h.p. 382/520 353/480
Torque, Nm (rpm) 2685 (1300-1500) 2237 (1400)
Type Hydromechanical
Gearbox Planetary
1 speed, forward/reverse running, km/h 7,6/10,9
2 speed, forward/reverse running, km/h 14,4/20,4
3 speed, forward/reverse running, km/h 25,8/35,2
Shifting mechanism Electrohydraulic
Torque converter One-stage
Transformation ratio, Ko 3
Tires Tubeless single tires of 35/65-33”
Tires inflation By air compressor mounted on the diesel engine
Air pressure in tires, kgf/cm2 4±0,2
Turning angle between half-frames (to each side), degr. 35
Ground pressure, kgf/cm2 26
Hydraulic system
Type Remote-cylinder
Number of pumps, pcs. 2 (S1A7248) + 1 (NSH10)
Pump capacity, l/min (rpm) 620 (1900)
Number of valves, pcs. 3
Type of valves Spool-type
Cracking pressure of relief valves, MPa (kgf/cm2) 3 (30) - of sectional system of servocontrol
20 (200) – of control of boom and bucket and of bucket turning
Loading equipment
Bucket type Universal/rock
Cutting edge Straight/shovel
Number of teeth, pcs 5/8 with tips and cutters
Bucket dimensions, width х length, mm 4060 х 1785/4060 х 1810
Bucket capacity, m3 6,7/6,3
Height of dumping, mm 4182/4108
Bucket penetration, mm 125/125
Angle of dumping, degree. 50/50
Angle of loading, degree. 42,4/42,4
Bucket weight, kg 9073/9266
Loader weight, kg 52985 52985


  • Modular design of all components and systems provides a simplified and easy maintenance when checking and charging the systems. It is possible to demount and install the power train units by separate modules and to repair them afterwards in specially equipped premises and to test them prior to installation on the machine;
  • Articulated frame provides in addition to a small turning radius full use of adhesion weight that prevents the hanging or discharge of one of the wheels when overcoming ground inequalities;
  • Hydromechanical transmission;
  • Economical diesel;
  • Remote-cylinder hydraulic system with high-capacity pumps;
  • Cross-country type protectors;
  • Autonomous inflation of the tires by the compressor;
  • Insulated pressurized cab;