Chetra MKSM 800 A

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Model MKSM 800H MKSM 800C MKSM 1000H MKSM 800A MKSM 800A-1 MKSM 1000A
Engine type Hatz (Germany) Cummins (South Korea) Hatz (Germany) Cummins (South Korea) Kubota (Japan)/Cummins (South Korea) Kubota (Japan)/ Cummins (South Korea)
Coling system Air cooled Water cooled Air cooled Water cooled Water cooled Water cooled
Rated capacity, kW (h.p.) 38.9 (53) 32.8 (44.6) 38.9 (53) 35.2 (48) 36.5 (49.6)/35.2(48) 53(72)/45(60)
Hydraulic equipment  
Model GST-33, Russia GST-33, Russia GST-33, Russia EATON, USA EATON, USA EATON, USA
Performance characteristics  
Maximum lifting capacity, kg 800 800 1000 800 800 1000
Maximum travelling speed, km/h Min 10 Min 10 Min 10 Min 12 Min 12 Min 12
Total weight, kg 3700 3700 4000 3850 3850 4350
  • Multi-purpose municipal and construction machines are purposed for loading and moving of bulk and loose materials. These machines combine compact size and high performance. The main characteristic feature of these machines is their small size. MKSM mini-loaders also have a competitive advantage over their analogues – optional mounting of a wide range of attachments. Due to optimal lifting characteristics (from 800 up to 1200 kg) mini-loaders can be operated in industrial, civil and road construction, municipal, storage facilities and agriculture.
  • Multi-purpose municipal and construction machines can be used for a wide range of operations. They can handle heavy and bulky loads at set distance. These machines can easily perform large scope of work at short period of time.
  • Due to implementation of independent stageless gear change of the right and left gearbox by hydrostatic power drive, MKSM mini-loaders feature smooth speed change and steering, including on-the-spot turn. Mini-loader is controlled by means of two joysticks installed on the side panels.
  • Designers pay special attention to convenience of operation of these machines. MKSM mini-loaders have considerably small size and weight and can be transported in a truck body.
  • Serviceability of the MKSM mini-loaders is achieved due to convenient location of the servicing points which are grouped in easy-to-reach places, which considerably reduces the service expenses. All units of the engine are located under the rear hood, while the access can be easily provided by tipping up the cab and fixing it. Servicing of the hydraulic system is easily performed through removable hatch underneath.
  • Antiskid footstep and wide entrance gate to the cab make it possible for the operator to leave the cab easily and safely. Low position of the hood and large windows provide high observeability of the worksite and rear view mirrors provide good view of the territory behind the machine and allow avoiding running on an obstacle when moving backwards. 
  • Examination of foreign loaders and requirements of the market of construction and municipal machinery resulted in development of new MKSM loaders of «A» series with lifting capacity 800, 1000, 1200 kg. The loader’s design implements modern technologies and innovative solutions and include development of original interior of the cab. 
  • The loaders feature chain final drives which are driven by a hydraulic motor and implemented in the load-bearing structure of the frame. The loader’s frame is designed so that remote tanks which are the basic structure of the frame allow installation of any engine. The loader’s power train is a tandem of EATON hydraulic pumps mounted on the engine through a clutch and providing start of engine in cold weather. Hydraulic system is made of advanced components which have 3-year warranty and are used in analogous loaders manufactured by the world’s leading companies. The hydraulic system’s technical characteristics provide high efficiency of the machine. Two types of control systems can be installed: electrohydraulic – joystick through controller, or mechanical – joystick through cable linkage. Loaders are equipped with all-metal cab with glued-in window panes complying with all safety requirements. The cab is a unified assembly purposed for installation on loaders of the whole MKSM model range without additional modifications. The cab frame protects the driver against falling objects (FOPS) and roll-over (ROPS). The cab interior is made of advanced noise-absorbing and soundproof materials, molded plastic panels which comply with modern requirements for design, ergonomics and comfort of the driver. The cab is equipped with an air-conditioner and a heater for provision of comfortable operation conditions. Controls installed in the cab’s plastic panels, electric equipment and external lighting comply with European requirements.