CHETRA showed new machines for Gazprom JSC


CHETRA showed new machines for Gazprom JSC

On December 5-6, 2013 CHETRA division (Machinery & Industrial Group N.V.) held a technical discussion with representatives of transport departments of 29 affiliates of Gazprom JSC. During this meeting the parties reviewed results of cooperation for renovation of special equipment fleet.

начальник отдела автотракторной техники и автотранспорта Департамента инвестиций и строительства ОАО «Газпром» Андрей Гайдов и руководитель дивизиона ЧЕТРА Виктор Четвериков

Representatives of Energy Holding Company “Gazprom” JSC hosted by the Head of Department of tractor equipment and vehicles Of Division of investments and construction Mr. Andrey Gaydov came to the capital of the Chuvash Republic to see the changes that took place in regard to machines manufactured by “Promtractor” JSC since the last meeting in June 2010. 

  трубоукладчики ЧЕТРА

Three years ago at a meeting of dedicated experts representatives of the gas holding company aired some wishes regarding modification of CHETRA machines according to the Holding Company’s requirements: expansion of product range, implementation of new ergonomics and cab design, increasing of operator’s comfort, development of new machines with hydrostatic transmission and expansion of functional.

  бульдозер ЧЕТРА Т-11.02 и экскаватор ЧЕТРА ЭГП-230

At a technical meeting in December 2013 “CHETRA – Industrial Machinery” showed new and modified CHETRA 2nd generation bulldozers, pipelayers and excavators which satisfy not only considerations aired 3 years ago but also updated requirements for equipment. The participants were demonstrated design innovations and actions taken for modernization of serial machines and production of new equipment such as articulated dump truck S-33 and bulldozer T-6.

бульдозер ЧЕТРА Т-11.02

Following the operators’ requests Concern “Tractor Plants” has developed CHETRA T-11.02 bulldozer with power angle blade controlled from the cabin; functionality of this tractor allows it replace graders for road construction operations. At the testing area the delegators had an opportunity to appraise new ergonomics, hydrostatic transmission and three dimension controlled blade.

бульдозер ЧЕТРА Т-35.02

At the test drive one of the heaviest Russian serial bulldozers CHETRA T35.02 of new design was shown after major modifications, such as: new Cummins engine with electronic controlled fuel supply, new radiators of engine and transmission cooling, automatic fire extinguishing systems and undercarriage lubrication, as well as cab’s new ergonomics and electro-hydraulic control with joysticks.

Besides expansion of CHETRA products’ functionality and product range, representatives of “Gazprom” JSC affiliates were also interested in such issues as service and supply of OEM components.

As the result of the working session a new map of service coverage was represented for the Russian Federation with maximum distance from the Repair Centre – 450 km. The parties also discussed an issue of protection of OEM spare parts for CHETRA machines from faking. CHETRA-IM represented new technologies for packing, marking and authentication of products which protect the operating companies from purchasing fake spare parts.

In the photographs: Head of Department of tractor equipment and vehicles Of Division of investments and construction Mr. Andrey Gaydov and Head of CHETRA division Mr. Viktor Chetverikov, CHETRA Pipelayers, CHETRA Т-11.02 bulldozer and CHETRA EGP-230 excavator, CHETRA Т-11.02 bulldozer, CEHTRA Т-35.02 bulldozer.

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