Machinery & Industrial Group N.V. showed the most eco-friendly tractor in the world


Machinery & Industrial Group N.V. showed the most eco-friendly tractor in the world

Machinery & Industrial Group N.V. at the largest Exhibition of agricultural equipment «AgroTech – Russia, 2013» showed the most eco-friendly natural gas (methane) tractor in the world AGROMASH 85TK with engine microprocessor control unit. Representatives of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture showed this machine to the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation, Mr. Dmitry Medvedev, who asked at once: «Are there many orders?..»

This question was discussed a lot within this exhibition by Russian manufacturers of equipment (Machinery & Industrial Group N.V., «Saint Petersburg Tractor Factory», «Kamaz») at technical conference of «Rosagroleasing» JSC, dedicated to implementation of modern energy saving agricultural technologies to the Russian agricultural sector using the federal leasing system, and at workshop «Problems of using natural gas based motor fuel in agriculture».

Production of methane tractors is of great current interest due to the RF decree No.767-r dd. May 13, 2013. This document includes a list of instructions regarding development of a complex of legal, economic and management actions for federal supporting of production, putting into operation and operation of natural gas vehicles and agricultural machines, creation of gas stations and service infrastructure, system of statistic and technical regulation of using natural gas as engine fuel.

President of M&IG Mr. Mikhail Bolotin thinks that the discussed topic has significant potential for development and it is interesting for a wide range of customers in the agricultural complex, first of all in economic and ecological aspects. According to experts, the total multiplier effect within the country may reach up to 1 bln. rubles per year. This is why M&IG takes an active part in fulfillment of the federal program of transfer of agricultural and municipal equipment to gas usage.

The first Russian tractor with gas (methane) engine, which is the most eco-friendly machine in the world for agricultural and municipal purposes, was developed by designers of a specialized factory of M&IG - «Factory of Innovative Products» LLC. Prototypes of this machine successfully participated in the II Russian open championship in ploughing which took place under support of «Rosagroleasing» JSC in spring 2013 in Rostov Region. This modern and energy-efficient AGROMASH 85TK tractor showed its best quality and advantage over traditional analogous machines in 140 km run. This distance from Vladimir to Ivanovo Region and back was covered without any refueling.

Market experts are unanimous in their opinion that this innovative model has unique advantages: at least three times reduction of fuel consumption, 1.5-2 times extension of service life due to “milder” work process, up to 20 times reduction of maintenance cost. And the most important is that the gas-air mixture (methane) burns out completely, thus reducing the emission of hazardous substances to the minimum level.

Engine microprocessor control unit allows efficient use of methane as engine fuel. The operating principle of high-technology equipment is based on continuous monitoring of crankshaft rpm and gas shot, recounting of these values and sending of control signal to gas injectors (forming of gas shot weight). This provides steady operation of the gas system and obtaining of excellent dynamic and ecological parameters. The operator revs the engine using an electronic pedal. Engine control units can be connected to a PC which makes it possible to carry out diagnostics of the main parameters of engine operation.

Gas fuel contains less carbonic elements, thus significantly reducing carbonization in the combustion chamber, cylinder heads block and rods as compared with diesel and gasoline engines. Tests showed three-time reduction of fuel expenses, moreover conversion of diesel engines to natural gas (methane) can be performed without any power loss unlike gasoline engines. Calculations show that using of gas fuel for one 85 h.p. wheeled tractor shall result in economy of 200 rub/hour, up to 625 thousand rubles per year. One should also remember that environmental activities are quite expensive. Using of gas as engine fuel is one of few environmental activities cost of which can be compensated by the direct economic benefit of reduction of cost of fuel, oil and lubricants.

Methane engine operates with less noise and without horsepower loss. It is also quite important that methane is more available than liquefied propane gas because it is delivered to all regions in Russia through the country’s gas transmission network. Today almost all M&IG products for agricultural, municipal and road-building purposes can be converted to gas fuel. This list includes wheeled tractors, self-propelled chassis, MKSM municipal machines, combine harvesters, power generating units with capacity from 30 h.p. up to 350 h.p.

Vladimir, Volgograd, Ivanovo, Moscow, Ryazan Regions are already interested in purchasing innovative machines from M&IG. However conversion of agricultural industry to new energy saving agricultural technologies is held back by absence of filling stations, service network and training centers.

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