First Russian open top tractor was shown at AgroTech Russia 2013


First Russian open top tractor was shown at AgroTech Russia 2013

First Russian open top tractor manufactured by “Factory of Innovative Products” LLC belonging to Machinery & Industrial Group N.V., was shown at International Agricultural and Industrial Exhibition AgroTech Russia 2013. This multi-purpose AGROMASH 60 TK tractor of 0.9 traction category with 4x4 wheel arrangement is equipped with folding ROPS instead of a cab. This open top tractor shown by the Russian manufacturer provides more comfort and can operate inside hot houses and store rooms with low ceilings and doorways.

Standard agricultural and municipal wheeled 60 h.p. tractor by M&IG has proven its reliability at cultivation and harvesting, in crop production, livestock breeding, loading/unloading and handling operations, road construction and municipal work. The cab was replaced by ROPS unusual for machine operators, however experts foresee demand for wheel tractors adapted for driving through low drive gates and apertures inside cattle farms, store rooms and vegetable stores, garden frames and hot houses, machinery building facilities and construction sites inside buildings. This innovation of Vladimir designers is recognized as one of the most promising machines for operation inside buildings. Achieved reduction of fuel consumption provides fuel economy.

AGROMASH 60TK open top tractor can be equipped with eco-friendly gas engine which shall reduce exhaust gas emissions inside a dairy farm or a hot house. One should also bear in mind that hydrocarbon fuel is 3-4 times cheaper than diesel fuel. It is also quite optimistic that the Russian Government has plans to convert automotive and tractor equipment to gas engines with prospective establishment of a wide network of gas stations in Russia.

The Group’s companies are within those few Russian companies which are aimed at development of modern energy-saving technologies and creation of innovative machines for agricultural and municipal needs. The new products shown by the M&IG at AgroTech expand the range of application of Russian machines in the market of South countries. The engineers think that those machines shall be mostly demanded in mild climate regions.

AGROMASH 85TK open top tractor is much cheaper than the standard model with a cab, because a modern cab with convex glasses, A/C, sound insulation, heating, light engineering, plastic roof is quite an expensive assembly. “Price-quality” ratio becomes acceptable for many customers. The development of a new machine resulted from an order received from one African country. Absence of cab decreased the price, downsized the machine and made it more convenient for long distance transportation and maintenance.

The designers have been working on this machine since February, 2013. The final product was field tested by Volgograd Motor Tractor Plant, where the machine was tested for reliability and safety of the folding ROPS. Test engineers checked reliability of the machine structure, absence of vibrations and noise.

This tractor has a very attractive price for Russian and Foreign farmers who can use this machine during the season or inside buildings. The price is one of the most important issues for a customer, and this model was developed especially with regard to this issue.

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